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Khiem Nguyen

Khiem Nguyen

What made you decide to stay at NBA Post 16?

Many of my friends stayed on so it's nice to be around them for another 2 years.  Also the teachers are so helpful I knew I would not get the same support at a college so that was a big part of my decision.

What has NBA Post 16 provided for you?

A good education, great teachers and amazing friendships.  Now that we are in the new building I also think we have the best Post 16 facilities in the whole of Birmingham, our common room is bigger than the staff room!  The study room is huge and has lots of computers in which we can use whenever we need to and we have smaller seminar rooms to use for lessons and revision.

Why should other students apply to NBA Post 16?

You get lots of help here with both your education and your future, my form tutor is already getting us to start researching our university choices so he can prepare us for the UCAS process.  We also have staff who help us with our future careers if we don't want to go university, Miss McClue has helped 4 of my friends in Year 13 get apprenticeships already.

What has changed at NBA since you were in Year 7?

The status of the school has changed dramatically and people are proud to say they are a part of NBA.

Otis Daley

Otis has been an active member of the Student Voice since Year 7 and now holds the position of Lead Student.  He achieved 8 A*-C GCSE grades and is now studying A level ICT, Psychology, Physics and Maths at NBA.  Always calm under pressure, he is a true ambassador for the academy both academically and as a spokesman for his fellow students.  In the future, Otis plans to pursue a career as a Psychologist.







Kinalben Mistry

Having gained an impressive 13 A*-C grades at GCSE, including As in Maths, ICT and Photography, Kinalben chose to stay on at NBA for her post-16 studies.  She went on to gain an A grade for ICT Level 3 in Year 12 and is now studying A level Maths, Psychology and ICT.  Kinalben enjoys the theatre and horror novels and is focused on a career in ICT Business Management.







Aleksandra Lubas

Aleksandra joined the academy in Year 9, having just arrived from Poland and went on to achieve an amazing 14 A*-C grades at GCSE including A*s in Photography, Geography and Polish as well as Distinctions in BTEC Science and Art. When she first joined the NBA community she spoke very little English, was shy and found the culture change challenging at times.  Her fantastic attitude towards learning, combined with the excellent support she received from specialist academy staff, meant that she integrated into mainstream lessons quickly and made outstanding progress from the start. With a perfect behaviour record and 100% attendance Aleksandra is a role model for fellow students and an asset to our academy community. She is now studying A levels in Art and Media at NBA and continues to flourish academically and socially.



Ann Jacob

Ann made a quick transition to Post-16 at NBA and her grades reflect this.  After one year she completed A levels in Media and Health and Social Care obtaining grades A in both.  Ann is now completing her A levels in Media and Health and Social Care.  With a mature outlook, she is an active member of the Post-16 Student Voice and is well on her way to achieving her dream of a career in nursing.







Shad-Marc Aaron

Shad gained 13 A*-C grades in his GCSEs including 4 Distinctions in Media, and A grades in Maths and PE.  Having joined the academy in Year 7 his talent for sport as well as many academic subjects was quickly spotted and developed by staff.  A highly disciplined and focused young man, Shad-Marc has achieved academically whilst also captaining his year group football team.  He is also the unbeaten mixed Martial Arts champion and has regularly been selected to play football for older year teams. He is now Media and Sport and hopes to become a P.E. Teacher





Amy-Louise Wright

Amy achieved 11 A*-C grades at GCSE including an A* for Business Studies.  She is committed to her studies and has successfully started a fast track programme to complete her AS and A2 levels in History within one year.  Amy-Louise is a caring young woman who has taken a lead role in the academy’s ‘Talk to a Teen’ project, a programme whereby post-16 students offer younger students in Year 7 support, advice and guidance with the change from primary school to the academy. Amy is working towards completing her A levels in Media and History and has plans to study Media at university to pursue a career as a Film Director.